social-img1At Tirubala Group footwear making isn’t just a business. Being SA 8000: 2001 certified company we ensure that we adhere to the guidelines set by the Social Accountability International.

Our unswerving dedication

No matter how harsh the market conditions, Tirubala Group ensure that we stick to our commitment regarding our principles. We realize the tremendous importance of social accountability and hence incorporate it as part of all our business strategies.

Safety conditions and health

We take great care in ensuring the optimal health of our staff and the safety of our work environment. Neither do we use any form of child labour nor do we promote its use among our channel partners. We also do not employ any home workers, do not use any form of forced labour. Besides these initiatives we also conduct regular check ups of all our employees to ensure their good health.

Equal opportunity employer

Tirubala Group are an equal opportunity employer. We do not make any discrimination based on religion, caste, gender or nationality. All of recruitment, training, appraisal processes are devoid of any form of discrimination.
Social accountability policy

We also have a stringent policy related to social accountability. In order to ensure that these guidelines are being adhered to, we conduct regular meetings with our management and non-management representatives and with our suppliers and contractors too.

We are SA 8000: 2008 certified now.

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