Fashion is a continuously evolving field. It is equally interesting and challenging to thrive in the fashion industry. Especially when it comes to ladies’ wear, a lot of care must be taken by the manufacturers to see that the products delivered from the facilities meet the recent fashion trends and satisfy the customers. Footwear is the most important and integral component of the fashion wear and therefore we take enough care to innovate the materials, technology, workmanship and styles every time in line with the recent trends and developments so that our customers are able to get the best in the industry. This quality has put us in a highly advantageous position among our competitors and has won a huge customer base for our products.

We are experts in leather. We have been in the arena of leather for so long and have therefore gathered a vast amount of experience to manufacture a wide range of leather products, especially ladies’ footwear. Our range of ladies’ footwear has been produced from top quality leather and other materials. Our research and development wing suggests us with the scope of improving the technology and fashion of our offerings.

Here are the top highlights of our ladies’ footwear offerings:

• Sturdy, stylish and highly durable
• Reasonably priced to benefit the customer
• Suitable for all occasions and to use as party wear
• Can be used both as formal and casual wear
• Can be customized during production in all regards for the customer needs
• Highly resistant to water
• Light weight with a chic look