Kids’ footwear is one of our chief specialty areas. We manufacture the wide assortment of kids’ footwear for all kinds of requirements and specifications. All our deliverables are manufactured from top quality materials with the best craftsmanship in the industry. There are several distinguishable merits that make our products highly desirable including durability, cutting edge fashion, competitive pricing and crafting for custom requirements. With our state of the art facilities, we can cater to any volume requirements with ease and stick to the definite delivery timeline.

Shoes are an important component of the fashion wear, we always know that they make up the most important segment of clothing, both formal and informal. Therefore we always believe in staying ahead of the technology and fashion and deliver the industry’s best leading solutions to our customers. Therefore we have always been able to etch a strong presence in the industry developing our customer base to wide proportions. We can deliver kids’ footwear in all colors and in all sizes. We work with the leading technology and keep abreast of the developments across the globe so that we can deliver trendy products that shall far exceed our customer expectations. When it comes to quality, we always go the extra mile to see that we give the best to our customers always.

Top highlights of our kids’ footwear range

• Weather and water resistant soles
• Wide range of application both casual and formal
• Light weight
• Suitability for party wear
• Durable and sturdy
• Suitable for all seasons and surfaces