Tirubala’s strength always lies in being sensitive to the dynamism of fashion and react appropriately to bring what is latest in the industry to our customers. Therefore, each of Tirubala’s offerings is trendy as well as innovative at the same time. The long journey we have made in the fashion industry has equipped us with the knowledge and experience needed to craft the most stunning range of gents wear across a wide range of categories. We exercise a great care to choose the right kind of designs styles, materials and techniques so that the outcome is always desirable and perfect in every regard.

Footwear is always a tricky arena. It must ably address the customer expectations with regard to comfort, convenience, style and durability. Therefore we pay a great attention to each of these aspects to see that our products excel those in the industry delivering the best solutions that our customers eagerly look for. Right from the sourcing of materials, deployment of the latest machinery, use of appropriate techniques and innovating something new in response to evolving customer expectations, we have been implementing professional practices all through the production cycle to meet our cherished objectives of satisfying our valued customers.

When we are able to assure quality and style at the industry’s best prices, we have been able to win the confidence and trust of our customers all the way. We know that growth is linked to sustainability and therefore we have implemented strict quality control procedures to validate all our deliverables and therefore you will find uncompromising quality characterizing each of our gents wear categories.