Confidentiality PolicyWe at Tirubala Group take great care in ensuring that the sensitive information of all our customers remains strictly confidential.
We follow the below mentioned mechanisms for each of our clients:

Non disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Before we begin any engagement with customers, we ensure to sign NDAs in order to clearly lay down roles, responsibilities and end usage of the information collected. We cover information like what kind of data we collect from clients, what this information will be used for, who we might share it with, as well as responsibilities in cases of data loss etc.

NDAs with employees

Tirubala Group also ensure to sign NDAs with our employees to ensure that all information, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined at the outset. When an employee joins Tirubala Group, he or she is required to sign an agreement that clearly states that no company information or client information can be shared with external agents. No publishing, removal or copying of information will be tolerated in the company.

Data protection

Tirubala Group follow stringent IP protection mechanisms to ensure the privacy of all customer data. Our IP network prevents any exchange of information between clients or projects regarding the shoe making business. We also do not allow any external circulation of CDs, or other such removable disk storage systems.


All of our manufacturing units as well as headquarters are back by stringent security measures.

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