Business ContinuityAt Tirubala Group, our supply chain management is all about pre-empting and forecasting any potential threats to our organization. That’s why we have a robust business continuity mechanism instilled into all of our processes.

Data recovery

Data storage, backups are regular staples of our work processes. In order to ensure a seamless work environment, a methodical and systematic execution of such functions is critical to our business. That’s why we have a dedicated team of experts who ensure that all corporate data is regularly safeguarded for security purposes.

Sensitive information

Our backend databases are virtual storehouses of information – crucial to the future development of our organization as well as for reference purposes. We use past patterns of corporate engagement to analyze future endeavours. That’s why for us, it is extremely critical that all data is securely backed up using the latest security features.

Backup manufacturing units

Our business continuity plans are infused with the robust backup manufacturing units. These have been designed to shift all client assignments from one unit to the next – to ensure a seamless execution of projects even in crisis situations. This also ensures a strict adherence to deadlines coupled with mobilization of technical skills on demand.

Data Management

Our disaster management and recovery functions are truly unique – unparalleled when compared with other shoe manufacturing organizations in the country. Our critical business data such as logistics, sales, financial data sales and marketing as well as all sensitive user files – can be restored and recovered as and when needed. This way you can be sure that your business is always in safe hands.

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